Pharmacovigilance database (BPI-Pheda)

Powerful – User-friendly – E2B-compliant in the R3 standard

The BPI-Pheda is a modern software solution for fulfilling your legal requirements in the field of pharmacovigilance.


On one hand, our pharmacovigilance database provides you with a structured, online management of adverse reaction reports – including the creation of listings and extensive query options. On the other hand, you can use the ESTRI gateway to exchange reports with authorities and partners.


The BPI-Pheda is a modern, GAMP 5 validated, and E2B(R2)/E2B(R3)-compliant system based on a shared SQL database.


Each participant manages his/her data in a company-owned, closed database area. The database is accessed via a web browser so that no software installation at the user is necessary.


In addition to the current regulatory requirements, the focus of the continuous further development of the database is mainly on usability. According to the different user habits, the BPI-Pheda is available to users either as basic or professional version, which contains different functionalities.


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