Interdisciplinary and efficient

Our 35-member team is interdisciplinary – pharmacists, business economists, event managers, and journalists work together with lawyers, communication scientists, physicians, and natural scientists.


Extensive healthcare expertise combined with many years of professional experience form the basis of our consulting activities. Over 300 customers have placed their trust in us in the areas of “knowledge management”, “communication management”, “pharmacovigilance management”, and “market management”.

  • Angelique Leps

    Projektmanagerin Kommunikation

    Dr. Lena Schönberg

    Leiterin Pharmakovigilanz

    Gabriele Konradi

    Leiterin Kommunikation

    Joanne Holley

    Projektmanagerin Pharmakovigilanz

    Katharina Koppe

    Leiterin Kommunikation

  • Maria Gebel

    Projektmanagerin Colloquium Pharmaceuticum

    Michael Paxmann


    Nico Heckmann

    Projektmanager Kommunikation

    Petra Wulsch

    Projektmanagerin Pharmakovigilanz

    Sandra Wallik

    Leiterin Pharmakovigilanz




You too can benefit from our specialist expertise

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